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I was directed to this very cool flash game where the object is to direct a number of audio waves around the screen into particular zones. It sounds a bit trippy but is exactly the sort of experimental work that I love. Worth taking a look at: Auditotium

September 4, 2009 Design


I love this Illustration of House from Will Murai. Others include The Hulk and Ken and Barbie in some interesting poses! You can buy some of his prints here

January 5, 2009 Design

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I love this project by photographer Phillip Toledano, it is just an amazing way of telling a story and I often think that film and content creation students should look at doing this style of story telling over trying to use video with no budget. The project is Days with my Father

September 21, 2008 Photography

Arduino Processing LED Brightness Test from thepikey on Vimeo.

So I went to the course on Arduino today which was a interesting experience. The class was a small group of around 10 people with a mix of backgrounds. There were 3 guys from an Electrical Engineering degree which I thought was quite strange as surely they would know this stuff inside out but actually I did learn quite a lot for them as they were keen to press on with some complex stuff. I did manage to get processing interfacing with the Arduino kit which was my goal so now I am pretty happy to make some interesting projects with physical computing. I saved some videos of some of the sample projects and stuck them on Vimeo.

  1. Knight Rider LED Example
  2. Processing LED Brightness Test
  3. Light Sensor Test 02
  4. Light Sensor Test 01
  5. Simple Button Test

February 23, 2008 Computing, Programming


Interesting Woodworm cricket equipment ad which I thought was pretty striking. It was on a London Cab and really stood out, pretty crappy photo but you get the idea

February 8, 2008 Advertising


I went around London today with Dan taking some interesting photos and we came across this gallery/shop in soho which featured some really cool graphic design/computer based art called Cosh. Worth checking out if you need something nice for your wall, here is the website.

February 2, 2008 Life


I have signed up for a course in Arduino which I am really looking forward to. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform and I am hoping to combine it with some processing work. You can find courses on Tinker

February 2, 2008 Programming


This is what happens if you park the wrong way around in london!

March 5, 2007 Life


I have been doing a lot of research at work recently and have had to adopt a lot of advanced search methods to get what I was looking for. In order to do this I returned to the search master Fravia and went through my notes and watched his lectures again to get back up to speed. The image above is from a lecture Fravia gave at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and it details his idea the only 1/3 of the web is indexed by search engines meaning that there is a huge amount of material on the web but is not accessible via search engines such as google & yahoo. I have included links to 3 of Fravia’s lectures if your feeling like you would like to learn how to search more effectivly!

  1. Recon 2006
  2. Recon 2005
  3. Ravensbourne College 2004

February 1, 2007 Computing


Amazing new broadband from Be. This is pretty impressive as I’m getting 17meg download and around 2.5meg upload, and all this for £18 per month. It kind of makes a joke of any for my other previous providers such as Tiscalli, BT and NTL. They also have a referral programme so if you refer a customer you get 1 month free and the new customer also gets the 1st month free. If you manage to refer 24 customer you get broadband for life!

I have managed to move a few people over already and we got some lines at work too. Just another 20 or so to go!

February 1, 2007 Computing

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