Ravensbourne University Graduates 2012

I went out to see the Ravensbourne Graduate show this year looking for good students and projects with commercial potential. In general I was very impressed with the digital thought of the work which is an improvement over previous years.

Freerun The City – App Walkthrough from Jan Barcikowski on Vimeo.

Jan Barcikowski – Motion Graphics
Really great concepts on Free Running and Spotify, some commercial viable projects.

Thomas Smee – Interaction Design
A strong shopping cart concept starting with creating lists at home. I would love to see this expand into other areas such as learning the carbon footprint of the food you purchase.

Origin TV User interface guide from Ryzek on Vimeo.

Ryan Dzierzek
– Motion Graphics
Really smart interaction concept called Origin TV with strong attention to audio detail. Highly polished video concept.

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June 15, 2012 Design