I think the Oculus Rift VR headset has really made big improvements in the VR space. One of the key things it has solved is motion blur which caused discomfort for users previously. They have a developers SDK and kit which I am tempted to run some tests with. I see some interesting applications for interactive storytelling and also training specific skills. Oculus website here and some info about its potential from Wired here

The Mailbox iPhone app looks pretty interesting which I found via SwissMiss – I am interested to see the rearranging of emails and the delay till later/alarm concepts as this helps divide personal and work time up well.


December 19, 2012 Computing, Design, Programming, Software, Video

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Im wondering if anyone is interested in pulling together a team (or teams) for AngelHack London on the 10th and 11th of November. No big idea yet so I was thinking on they day we could just pick a problem to solve from the Internet Wishlist and try to solve it within the 24 hours. Any takers or other suggestions?

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Its concerning to read that Mozilla’s FireFox latest update has to be pulled due to security/privacy issues as reported on the BBC. It seems the browser allowed sites to see the users entire browser history. I believe people are too quick to deploy new product without extensive testing on something as important as a browser which is the transport system of the internet. Also the users who have upgraded should start thinking twice about adopting so quickly.

This is a really powerful tool presented by John Maeda at a recent Ted Talk – I would love to know about it but it is a area of real potential. You could possibly create this with interesting detail by scraping email, public blogs, Twitter, Facebook of public information and privately exchanged information from the parties involved.

The man behind all the WiiMote hacks and then the Microsoft XBox Kinect is leaving Microsoft for Google on some special projects. More can be found at the Engadget article.

January 19, 2011 Computing, Programming, Technology

This is a nice example of Arduino and working with LED’s by Todd Moore

January 16, 2011 Computing, Design, Programming

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD from gnd on Vimeo.

I just watched the documentary on Arduino (Micro Controller) which details the history of the project and the people who got it off the ground. It was interesting to see the figures of how many boards have been sold and the volume of traffic to the website. I think Arduino is more in the main stream then I originally thought. I have done a 2 day course with Tinker.it (now seems to link to the Arduino blog) which I found as a great intro, and here is one of the reactive interface experiments I did using processing and Arduino.

Arduino Processing LED Brightness Test from thepikey on Vimeo.

So I went to the Tinker.it course on Arduino today which was a interesting experience. The class was a small group of around 10 people with a mix of backgrounds. There were 3 guys from an Electrical Engineering degree which I thought was quite strange as surely they would know this stuff inside out but actually I did learn quite a lot for them as they were keen to press on with some complex stuff. I did manage to get processing interfacing with the Arduino kit which was my goal so now I am pretty happy to make some interesting projects with physical computing. I saved some videos of some of the sample projects and stuck them on Vimeo.

  1. Knight Rider LED Example
  2. Processing LED Brightness Test
  3. Light Sensor Test 02
  4. Light Sensor Test 01
  5. Simple Button Test

February 23, 2008 Computing, Programming


I have signed up for a course in Arduino which I am really looking forward to. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform and I am hoping to combine it with some processing work. You can find courses on Tinker

February 2, 2008 Programming

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