Looks to be a quite concerning documentary on how the education system works in the us and how they evolve the curriculum.

October 7, 2012 Education, Video

A really cool look into the latest SimCity by lead designer/producer Stone Librande

October 7, 2012 Computing, Design, Games, Software, Video

Matt Rogers worked at Apple through a lot of really cool developments including the iPhone and its easy to see this approach taken in his Nest thermostat start-up business.

A good discussion with Tim Ferris and Jack Canfield on writing and marketing.

October 4, 2012 Advertising, Business, Life, Talk, Technology, Video

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

A freaky look at what might be in store for the future

A good talk with Sahil Lavingia who is the founder and CEO of Gumroad.com which aims to be a lightweight sales platform. An interesting stat about how long it takes customers to return to Starbucks if the leave their mobile V wallet.



A fantastic Ted Talk from Marc Goodman looking at how criminals and hackers were using technology to help their crimes and looks at ways this might evolve in the future.


This is quite an interesting talk from ex-pilot (US AIRWAYS 1549Chesley Sullenberger at Google promoting his new book on leadership. He answers lots of questions about training and the flight which he had to land on the Hudson river. He also talks about his background and his continuing learning.

July 17, 2012 Business, Video

For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten from Cole Webley on Vimeo.

I really love this poetry inspired video by Cole Webley. Beautiful cinematography and music

June 29, 2012 Cinematography, Video

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