A really cool look into the latest SimCity by lead designer/producer Stone Librande

October 7, 2012 Computing, Design, Games, Software, Video

Matt Rogers worked at Apple through a lot of really cool developments including the iPhone and its easy to see this approach taken in his Nest thermostat start-up business.

A good talk with Sahil Lavingia who is the founder and CEO of Gumroad.com which aims to be a lightweight sales platform. An interesting stat about how long it takes customers to return to Starbucks if the leave their mobile V wallet.



A fantastic Ted Talk from Marc Goodman looking at how criminals and hackers were using technology to help their crimes and looks at ways this might evolve in the future.


Processing.js running on Samsung TV 2012 Series 8 from theclinic on Vimeo.

I have been working on getting processing up and running on Samsung connected TV applications. The frame rate is quite slow and this will require further investigation however here is a video of it in action.

Tweetfuel from Stinkdigital on Vimeo.

I love this idea from StinkDigital combining Twitter and the Nike Fuel Band – just a very clever and fun use of technology.

I just found a blog post from interactive designer Paul Neave documenting his rise to success with his Webcam Toy which was a redevelopment of a previous app. The height of success so far is 1 million Facebook likes of the app’s Facebook Page so that really is something. Well worth a read here and congratulations to him.

May 25, 2012 Software

This is a really smart and well designed tool for creating CV’s via your Linkedin profile. The templates are clean and simple, the content is editable and it looks like it has no branding so far. You have been able to print your Linkedin profile for sometime and I have received this for a job application in this format and noticed the Linkedin logo on the last page. It might be a good model to have a free branded service and small fee for unbranded. Anyway Linkedin Resume Builder is well worth a look.

May 25, 2012 Software

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