A really cool look into the latest SimCity by lead designer/producer Stone Librande

October 7, 2012 Computing, Design, Games, Software, Video

Matt Rogers worked at Apple through a lot of really cool developments including the iPhone and its easy to see this approach taken in his Nest thermostat start-up business.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

A freaky look at what might be in store for the future

A good talk with Sahil Lavingia who is the founder and CEO of Gumroad.com which aims to be a lightweight sales platform. An interesting stat about how long it takes customers to return to Starbucks if the leave their mobile V wallet.



Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 21.41.39

This is a really nice project aiming to 3D map the London tube stations. I worked on a similar project with typography in a 3D CAVE environment a few years back: http://stations.aeracode.org/

June 29, 2012 Computing, Design

I went out to see the Ravensbourne Graduate show this year looking for good students and projects with commercial potential. In general I was very impressed with the digital thought of the work which is an improvement over previous years.

Freerun The City – App Walkthrough from Jan Barcikowski on Vimeo.

Jan Barcikowski – Motion Graphics
Really great concepts on Free Running and Spotify, some commercial viable projects.

Thomas Smee – Interaction Design
A strong shopping cart concept starting with creating lists at home. I would love to see this expand into other areas such as learning the carbon footprint of the food you purchase.

Origin TV User interface guide from Ryzek on Vimeo.

Ryan Dzierzek
– Motion Graphics
Really smart interaction concept called Origin TV with strong attention to audio detail. Highly polished video concept.

June 15, 2012 Design


TorrentButler is a new torrent index site with a difference, it has had some design thought put into them. You can filter to check SD and HD versions, and every torrent has an individualised page with a background image and trailers.

February 11, 2011 Design, Technology

Screen shot 2011-02-19 at 22.07.52

I link this visualisation tool of Linkedin accounts however the colour separation is not really that clear to me:

January 26, 2011 Business, Design

This is a nice example of Arduino and working with LED’s by Todd Moore

January 16, 2011 Computing, Design, Programming

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD from gnd on Vimeo.

I just watched the documentary on Arduino (Micro Controller) which details the history of the project and the people who got it off the ground. It was interesting to see the figures of how many boards have been sold and the volume of traffic to the website. I think Arduino is more in the main stream then I originally thought. I have done a 2 day course with Tinker.it (now seems to link to the Arduino blog) which I found as a great intro, and here is one of the reactive interface experiments I did using processing and Arduino.

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