A great talk and Q&A from Cal Newport who talks about his research on why its a bad idea to follow your passion

October 25, 2012 Business, Economics, Education, Life, Talk, Video

An interesting Ted presentation from Ryan Markley on the Mozilla’s Popcorn project which allows video producers to create a more layered playback experience. It will be interesting to see how people evolve this toolset for commerce.

StartUp School 2012 from Y Combinator is about to kick off: startupschool.org/?video

October 20, 2012 Business, Computing, Talk, Video

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I attended a London Hacker News talk from the creators of Foldable.me which is a really simple avatar creation tool where users can create a characterised version of themselves (or friend) and then have it delivered. The end product actually reminds me of the Danbo dolls but I was impressed that it came out of a Mint Digital hackathon and then sought funding via Kickstarter

October 19, 2012 Business, Computing, Design, Software

A great talk and Q&A from Paddy Hirsch on the economy. He wrote a book Man V Markets: Economics Explained (Plain and Simple) which aims to explain the financial environment in basic everyday terms and analogies

October 18, 2012 Business, Economics, Talk, Video

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I like this Kidle application called KindleGraph which allows authors to personally inscribe readers digital books on request. I found about about it from Brad Feld’s blog as he was constantly being asked to sign kindles!

This is a really powerful tool presented by John Maeda at a recent Ted Talk – I would love to know about it but it is a area of real potential. You could possibly create this with interesting detail by scraping email, public blogs, Twitter, Facebook of public information and privately exchanged information from the parties involved.

Matt Rogers worked at Apple through a lot of really cool developments including the iPhone and its easy to see this approach taken in his Nest thermostat start-up business.

A good discussion with Tim Ferris and Jack Canfield on writing and marketing.

October 4, 2012 Advertising, Business, Life, Talk, Technology, Video

Great Ted talk from Amy Cuddy on body language and its power over the mind.

October 3, 2012 Business, Education, Life, Talk

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