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Some very good work here by openemu on creating a mac emulator for devices such as the GameBoy, SNES, NES, DS, and Sega Consoles with Lots of games.

January 5, 2014 Computing, Games, Software

This is an interesting product due to launch soon which places a sensor on the ankle for tracking movement and impact. They also have a SDK available to use the product for other items.

January 5, 2014 Computing, Design, Hardware, Sensors, Software

The Mailbox iPhone app looks pretty interesting which I found via SwissMiss – I am interested to see the rearranging of emails and the delay till later/alarm concepts as this helps divide personal and work time up well.


December 19, 2012 Computing, Design, Programming, Software, Video

Really nice installations from Philips OLED labs

Philips Lumiblade 2012 from Dezeen on Vimeo.

A very interesting presentation from Leah Buechley from MIT on paper based electronics using conductive ink. I believe this could be used in future packaging for smart notifications when products are running low.

The videos from the Startup School 2012 talks are now live. They include interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, Hiroshi Mititani (Rakuten) and I really liked Patrick Collison’s talk on Stripe.


Really clever metaphor use of the social geo-location tools to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS

An interesting Ted presentation from Ryan Markley on the Mozilla’s Popcorn project which allows video producers to create a more layered playback experience. It will be interesting to see how people evolve this toolset for commerce.

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I just discovered a really nice tool for converting images into pure css. I am not quite sure what I would use it for just yet but the results are very nice indeed.

October 21, 2012 Computing, Design, Photography, Software

StartUp School 2012 from Y Combinator is about to kick off:

October 20, 2012 Business, Computing, Talk, Video

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